Hello and Welcome to the Christian Chat Chalice!

What is the purpose of this page?

This page / chat can be understood as an offering or contribution to any church, group or person that has a genuine interest in Jesus Christ. The name is actually taken from Christian Chat CafĂ©, and because I do not like coffee, I rewrote it in Christian Chat Chalice. The Chalice of Jesus Christ reminds me at the “Last Supper“, or at a vessel that can be filled with the “Water of Life“. Figurative it reminds me at the”Holy Spirit” and the “Tree of Life“, so the symbolic idea behind it is that people strive to fill and share the chalice (chat, page) through the “Spirit of Christ“. With there presence, with there ingenuity towards Christ, there experiences, problems, and everything that comes through Jesus into our life and belongs to a Christian life.

Who we are?

We are a small but worthwhile online IRC community which working, live and breath behind this interface. We chat and write about topics like:

Knowing God
Loving People
Living the Faith
Engaging the World
Praying the Scripture

Love is our motive!

The essence of Christianity is summed up by Jesus like this: Love God and love people.

Therefore is everything we try to do as Christians on the Web, based upon God’s unconditional love and grace for us in Jesus Christ. We believe that this grace transforms us and makes us more like Christ. At the same time, we acknowledge that each of us is a work in progress. Key element of the message of God’s Word is the possibility that a person can be entirely merged with Jesus Christ, and even must. That’s why we are called to extend the same grace to each other. That does not mean that everything is always in silks and satins, after all, either Christians are only human and we have our differences but for the most part we work together as allies and friends. If you would like to learn more about us, just drop in, have a look and let yourselves be surprised what we have brought for you from near and far!

About the Chat

This page is at the moment very limited and primarily focused and build upon the chat system. But there is a lot we are working on, like a forum, a news corner,  and to many other things, updates coming a lot. The chat is very well organized, eg. through an implemented administration system which belongs to the IRC technology. And a small service bot that offers and supports the following features:

A.I. Chatter Bot
Bible Bot (250 Bibles in many Languages)
Bible Trivia and Scrabble Games
Family Friendly Guardian (Filter)
Information System
Live Translation
RSS News Feeds
Relay System
Twitter API

Daily direct links and other announces:

Audio Bible Books
Radio Broadcasting Systems
Random Bible Quotes
Sermon Databases
Updated Job Announces

And much more useful and funny stuff!

If this is your first contact to the community, we hope you will enjoy it.

Rules are clear, treat others the same way you want them to treat you (Luke 6:31).

If you are only interested in the chat, there is a old interface on the web (KiwiIRC):  https://christianchatchalice.blogspot.com/

Or if you would like to connect to our chat with a little more comfort, we recommend our KVIrc visual step by step tutorial.

KVIrc Tutorial 1.0 Introduction
KVIrc Tutorial 2.0 Installation
KVIrc Tutorial 3.0 Basic Settings
KVIrc Tutorial 4.0 Identity and Server Settings
KVIrc Tutorial 5.0 Connection and IRC Settings
KVIrc Tutorial 6.0 IRC Settings