Here is a small top level excerpt of our current database, it contains an awful lot of subcategories. Just to see what’s coming up!

Please Note!

These are all only superordinate concepts to reflect on facts. Please do not misunderstand, not all topics are pleasant for everyone, although as Christians we must continue to press for clarification of these critical, complex and sensitive issues.

+ Hermeneutic
+ Exegesis
+ Bible
+ Evil
+ Good
+ Apocryphal
+ Evidences
+ Covenants
+ Mysteries
+ Faith
+ Gnosis
+ Gods and Cults
+ Spiritual Warfare
+ Denominations
+ Censure
+ Politics and Economics
+ Sermons
+ Prophecy
+ Review
+ Creation
+ Plan
+ Self-Awareness
+ Sensations
+ Apologetics
+ Eschatology
+ Webpages
+ World
+ Religions

Just one example whats behind this concepts:

How can I experience practically a comprehensive redemption and regeneration?
How can I get rid of the whole fallenness and depravity of my life?
How can I lead from morning till evening a GOD pleasing life?
How can I manage to fulfill the unnumbered instructions of the “bible” correctly?
How shall I be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ and thus “prepared” for heaven?
How can I experience the life of Jesus Christ in everyday life?
How can I serve my surroundings with the authority of Jesus Christ?

Surrender your own life totally to the LORD Jesus Christ and confess that from now on the LORD Jesus Christ has become your life. Give thanks to Him and abide thereafter in Him every second of your life. I recommend you as an illustration to study the parable of the vine in John 15:1-8. So long as you abide in Jesus Christ – so long will He stay in you as well – and manifests His marvellous life through you, transforms you, gives you authority, guides you and provides for many more things.

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